Tracy Morgan, Maven Sonae Morgan and Megan Wollover pose in the press room at the prime-time Emmy Awards on Sept. 20, 2015, in Los Angeles. 
Mark Davis/Getty Images

After being in a coma for eight days following a 2014 accident involving a Wal-Mart tractor-trailer, Tracy Morgan reveals to Rolling Stone that he contemplated suicide. Morgan said it was emotionally difficult to struggle with the death of his friend and fellow comedian James McNair in the accident, because he was the reason McNair was in the limo bus with him.

"Emotionally, it’s hard for me to deal with," Morgan said. "I asked everybody to be there that night. I have to live with that. But I had to forgive myself. I know Jimmy would want it like that."


Morgan recalled the state of mind he was in and says it was a dark place. "I was in a very dark place," Morgan recalled. "I was sitting right here, contemplating suicide." 

After months of physical therapy and finally recovering from the accident, Morgan is already on the road and doing a comedy tour. And he says he has a new outlook on life.

"Maybe when I was in heaven, Richard Pryor said something to me," Morgan said. "I feel funnier than I ever felt." 


In addition to his comedy tour, Morgan has a few things up his sleeve, including appearing as Redd Foxx in the upcoming Richard Pryor biopic. But most important is his family.

"I look forward to my wife getting pregnant again," Morgan said. "I look forward to my daughter going to nursery school. I'm here. I get to see all of that."