Tracy Morgan Performs for Doctors and Nurses Who Saved His Life

Tracy Morgan and hospital staff

Tracy Morgan recently gave back to those people who helped him survive the tractor-trailer crash that killed fellow comedian Jimmy "Mack" McNair. In the June 2014 accident, a Wal-Mart driver fell asleep at the wheel of his truck and collided with a limo bus carrying Morgan and his entourage. 

Morgan's recovery is ongoing, but he returned to stand-up comedy last October. Over the weekend, he put on a special show at a theater near Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, where he was taken after the accident, in New Brunswick, N.J. Many members of the hospital's medical staff were in the audience.


"Last night was one of the most special nights of my life," Morgan told People magazine. "To be standing onstage with the people that saved my life in the audience was an overwhelming experience. I will never fully be able to thank the doctors, nurses, first responders and everyone else that got me back on that stage enough. 

"These people are heroes and I love them all from the bottom of my heart," he continued. "The only good thing that happened on that horrible night was that I was close to Robert Wood Johnson Hospital when the accident happened. God bless them all." 

To prove how much of a stand-up guy he is, Morgan donated the show's proceeds to the hospital. 

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