Traces of Myspace


(The Root) — There are certain things we grew up with that we'll have to explain to our kids one day: the Walkman, encyclopedias, rotary phones — and Myspace.


Myspace is essentially a cyber-wasteland these days. Once the go-to site for social media networking, the bulk of its residents have packed up and moved on to Facebook and Twitter. Even Tom, everyone's first Myspace friend, has profiles and accounts on other sites.

Though Myspace itself isn't as big a presence in today's world of social media, whispers of it are still around in the sites we use most. Myspace definitely laid the groundwork for sites like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and its influence is tangible. Business 2 Community outlined nine contributions that Myspace made to modern social media. Being able to customize your backgrounds on Twitter, put music on your Tumblr page and have photos on your Facebook — all those features came from Myspace. Who knew the old dog was still hanging around?


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Tracy Clayton is a writer, humorist and blogger from Louisville, Ky.

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