Tracee Ellis Ross Reveals What She Did to Gain Self-Acceptance

Tracee Ellis Ross
Tracee Ellis Ross

Tracee Ellis Ross is always dropping jewels about how to live your best life.

During a panel discussion Monday hosted by Marie Claire magazine in San Francisco, Ross revealed that accepting her kinky, coily hair was the trigger that enabled her to live in the moment and accept herself completely and fully, WWD reports.


“When I let my hair do what it did, I gained a level of self-acceptance,” Ross said. “We are so quick to compare ourselves to other people, and it’s a bummer.”

She also spoke about the word “feminism” and how at first, like most women, she was a bit apprehensive about embracing the concept or identifying as one, because there was so much confusion around the term.


“I think I had a sort of peripheral relationship to [the word],” Ross explained. Everyone thought ‘feminism’ was a dirty word, and I never really understood why.

“It means you believe in … equality for everyone,” she added. “If you look back at what I believe and what I stand for, I am certainly a proud feminist.”

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