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Even before Drake was known as the 6 God, he always repped his hometown of Toronto. And now, as one of the most popular artists to emerge from Toronto, Drake will have the honor of receiving a key to the city.

On Thursday, Toronto Mayor John Tory explained why the honor is being bestowed upon Drake.


“This is a man who could live anywhere but calls Toronto home,” he said. “He wants us to be proud of him. And we are. I am.”

Tory continued his praises of Drake in a series of tweets, and it’s safe to say that he might be one of Drake’s biggest fans.

“He talked about wanting to contribute & for the city to see him as more than just a name — but a force of good,” the mayor tweeted. “He talked about his desire to build our music scene, to inspire youth and help address the social issues felt across Toronto.”



Congrats to Drake!

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