Top Dallas R&B Radio Stations Saw Something Wrong With R. Kelly's Bump N' Grind—and Banned His Music

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Almost a week after Lifetime’s docuseries, Surviving R. Kelly, we’ve been issued the remix to conviction with Georgia’s Fulton County District Attorney’s Office opening up an investigation against the “Pied Piper of R&B” for his years of allegedly abusing black women and girls. And today, two prominent Dallas radio stations, KRNB and K104, have vowed to stop playing his music and to #MuteRKelly.


According to Billboard, the two urban stations confirmed on-air that they would never play R. Kelly’s songs again. The owner of Service Broadcasting Corporation issued the following statement:

“Smooth R&B 105.7 and K104 made the decision to drop R. Kelly’s music from our playlists due to the outpouring of concern from our listeners regarding Kelly’s alleged sexual assaults of underage girls.”

After viewing the docuseries, KRNB host Claudia Jordan says that the songs now have different meanings.

“We cannot support this man anymore. I’ve been a victim of abuse from a man, and it wasn’t as extreme as this. But reading all the comments, we have to at some point take a stance,” said Jordan.

The hashtag #MuteRKelly was launched by Oronike Odeleye and Kenyette Barnes, with the goal to remove R. Kelly from the music industry and bring his reported heinous crimes involving sexual assault and abuse to the light. If you care about consent and black women and girls’ safety, you too should join this wave.

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Good. More stations need to follow suit. Here in MA, only ‘the urban station’ has said on air that R. Kelly is no longer in their rotation. The stations that mostly play pop music still play his shit daily.