Tomi Lahren Gets Dragged on Twitter ... Again

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Maybe we have been too harsh on Beckys. We often unfairly paint them as dumb, unfeeling white women when we don’t take any blame for their actions.

The problem with most Beckys is not that they’re dumb. The problem is that the world likes skinny, blond, white women, so we pay them more attention. Even if she’s dumb as a brick, the Becky eventually begins to believe that she’s smart because everyone is listening. When this happens, as with Pokémon or Dragon Ball Z (neither of which I have ever seen, but I do spend a lot of time on black Twitter and have seen many of their memes, so I consider myself an expert), white women will evolve into an entirely different, more powerful creature called the über-Becky.


Tomi Lahren is the greatest example of a Becky who has gone Super Saiyan. She was once just another one of the countless pretty faces on a stick who conservatives recruit to spew their nonsensical rhetoric because—according to their logic—bullshit always sounds better coming out of a pretty mouth. But then her sense of importance was heightened after she was forcefed to the mainstream masses on shows like The Daily Show and The Breakfast Club.

Lahren has been feuding with rapper Wale since he wrongly called her “Tammy” in one of the songs from his recent album “Shine Season.” Now, anyone who has ever dealt with an über-Becky knows that the one thing you can never do is call her by the wrong name. Privilege comes with side blinders that make white women believe that everyone knows who they are.

Wale simply responded with a troll that has aggravated her ever since:


Well, on Monday, Tangie Lahren went into full Becky mode after Alaska Airlines “disrespected” her again. Apparently Tanzania (pronounced “as-whole”) Lahren had a bad experience on an Alaska Airlines flight and decided to tweet about it, because ... Beckys. It is impossible to say if the person on the company’s Twitter account knew the history of the Wale feud, made a simple mistake or had his hands guided by the Lord himself for our amusement, but when Alaska Airlines saw her tweet, it responded to Lahren with this:


It’s safe to say that Wale found it mildly amusing, tweeting:


Of course the Twitterverse joined in on the roast:


There is no word yet if Charlamagne tha God or Trevor Noah rushed over to Tomika Lahren’s house to console her after those meanies made fun of her name, but godspeed to Ryan, Alaska Airlines and the über-Becky named Tabitha Lahren.

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