What could make this Monday less Monday feeling? Watching Titus get his lemonade on in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidtā€™s season 3 teaser trailer.

Netflix released the hilarious trailer to announce the May 19 premiere on the streaming service.

Wearing a ruffled dress and swinging BeyoncĆ©ā€™s ā€œHold Upā€ music-video bat, Titus (Tituss Burgess) is busting windows and not taking any prisoners.

ā€œHello, I ainā€™t playing with you, Michael/Iā€™m not fooling with you, Michael/Pack up, I ainā€™t playing with you, meatball/Michael, Iā€™m not playing with you, meatball,ā€ Titus sings as he twirls through the streets confronting his love thang.


Check out the BeyoncƩ-inspired video above.

Never let anything happen to Titus; heā€™s a national treasure.