Tisha Campbell-Martin                        
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Tisha Campbell-Martin                        
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Tisha Campbell-Martin has been involved in the entertainment industry since her teen years. From her singing to her role on Martin as Gina, Campbell-Martin’s career has spanned decades. But now she’s stepping back into the music arena, and she’s bringing a message of empowerment along with her.

Campbell-Martin’s new song “Steel Here” not only is about empowerment but also sheds light on an incident that occurred when she was just 3 years old. Recently the 46-year-old opened up about the fact that she was raped when she was 3 and received an apology letter from her rapist.

In the song Campbell-Martin sings these words:

… I’m still resilient
I’m always gonna be here
Because I’m supposed to be here

I’m owning my existence
It’s a system of survival
Because I’m my only rival
Yes, I’m on a mission (put your seat belt on)
I know I’m on assignment
The stars are in alignment
I’m ready for this!

Black butterfly,
Grab my paintbrush, got my canvas and I’ll paint the sky!
I’m, I’m, I’m steel here!


In the video, the visuals include Campbell-Martin wearing a snippet of the letter her rapist sent her:

Dear Beloved Tisha,
This apology has been in my heart and on my mind for decades. For decades there has been a grieving pain within me coupled with an unending shame for my past behavior.


On Twitter, Campbell-Martin tweeted about her song and the symbolism behind it:



Campbell-Martin’s video not only allows her to be able to forgive and to empower herself but also may help others who are in similar situations.

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