Spades or dominoes? Drums or flats? Jheri curl or S-Curl?

For black folks, these topics are among the debates of ages. But, how about we get some of these musings on camera—there’s a thought! So the video folks at The Root decided to turn this ‘black-off’ into a game, because we love games. And we like to call it “Black Ass Game.” Clever, huh?


Here’s how the game works: The Root asks black-ass questions, and contestants give their black-ass opinions. Simple as sweet potato pie (or should that be pumpkin pie? You see where we’re going here.).

Ahead of their release of Night School, comedians Tiffany Haddish and Kevin Hart went head-to-head in Black Ass Game. See the entire video above.


Night School is in movie theaters on Friday.

Afro-Cuban woman that was born and branded in New York. When León isn't actually creating cool videos, she's thinking of cool videos that she can create.

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