This Mommy-Daughter Salon-Talk Video Is What Your Day Requires

Facebook screenshot

Who needs to sit in a crowded salon when you can put your 1-year-old baby to work and have some salon talk at home? Kerry Robinson and her daughter have gone viral with a simple video called “Salon Talk,” and it’s probably the most adorable thing you’ll see this week.

From the “Girl, yes” comments to the baby’s facial expression at the mere mention of a trip to Sea World, you can definitely tell this isn’t the first time the mommy-daughter duo had some salon-talk time at home.


Apparently, Robinson is shocked that her video has gone viral and garnered such attention, because her last Facebook status stated, “Oh..... my ....GOD. I just woke up and I think my phone is broken.”

That’s what happens when you and your baby are adorable AF.

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