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Drake and Ellen DeGeneres; Drake and Kobe Bryant (Tumblr)

(The Root) — You know Drake likes to tell people how to live their lives. First there was the ubiquitous and annoying #YOLO, his clarion call for us to live life remembering that we only have one to live. It's also known as living recklessly. It really caught on. Google "#Yolo tattoos" and you'll find a treasure trove of bad decisions.

Now #NoNewFriends, the latest addition to his hashtag dictums, threatens to slowly take over our timelines and possibly our common sense. (Of course we should make new friends. It's the first lesson we learned in kindergarten!) It comes from his single by the same name, and it's used to remind folks that one can appear much cooler if one's circle of trust is small and selective.  

The Tumblr Drake's New Friends conducted an investigation on this matter, and here's what we can conclude based on the evidence: Drake is a fibber. All rappers lie, so it's fine. But in this instance it happens to be hilarious.

Drake has tons of new friends. Serena Williams, Ellen DeGeneres, Willow Smith and Gayle King are not people he knows from Toronto. Take a look for yourself. He's hugging all of his new friends, and smiling quite warmly while he doing it. Does this guy look like the kind of guy who doesn't like to collect new friends?

This image was lost some time after publication.

Of course not. This guy looks like the kind of guy who would befriend your puppy and buy you ice cream just because.

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