This Is Probably the Dumbest Tweet Ever Tweeted by a Father (Besides a Trump Tweet)

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Eric Weinstein’s Twitter bio says he’s the managing director for Thiel Capital. Weinstein’s tweet says that he’s a father to a daughter, and he apparently has issues with women in the workplace complaining about discrimination.


Apparently, Weinstein has no issue with women sitting idly by and suffering at work while being harassed, and doesn’t care that women aren’t paid equally. God forbid Weinstein’s daughter does land a coding job and she’s not paid the same as her male counterparts.

The crux of the issue seems to be that Weinstein is upset that Google fired the person who wrote a manifesto blasting women in tech:


What do you think Weinstein will tell his daughter? “Honey, don’t worry. At least you have a job. No need in complaining to HR.”

Weinstein’s tweet didn’t sit well with many people on social media, and rightly so:


Dear Weinstein’s Daughter:

You do not have to accept misogyny. No matter what your dad says.


Someone who wishes you had a dad who gave better advice

Bye, Kinja! It's been fun (occasionally).

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The Laughing Man

This dude not only works for Peter Thiel, he’s the brother of Bret Weinstein, the biology professor from Evergreen State who was surrounded by students who accused him of being racist because he fought against a bunch of diversity initiatives and programs at the college. Over the last three months both brothers have become right wing media darlings because they are pretty consistently using their twitter accounts to attack business and university diversity initiatives and they always fall back on arguing that gaps are due to biological reasons. It’s basically one long dog whistle campaign by the two brothers who claim they are “liberal progressives” but who in reality have been persistently making attacks for the conservative media.