This Is Not A Drill: Brandy and Monica Confirmed for Next Verzuz

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Dreams do come true, and we very likely will get to see a 2020 version of “The Boy Is Mine” duet, because it is now official: Brandy and Monica will be facing-off in the next Verzuz on August 31.

The two R&B icons have come up frequently in discussions about ideal Verzuz pairings, ever since the Instagram Live performances between iconic Black artists started earlier this year courtesy of Swizz Beatz and Timbaland.

Both artists publicly demurred the calls for them to battle but did not outright rule it out. On Saturday, Verzuz and Brandy and Monica themselves announced on social media that the eagerly requested match-up will be happening.


Of course, the news sent the hearts of 90's R&B fans all aflutter:


The live performances will happen at 8PM EST on the Verzuz instagram channel as well as on Apple Music, and will be streamed from Tyler Perry’s Studios in Atlanta.

If there’s any doubt that it will be a battle, check out this:


Even though Twitter has predictably started debating about which singer will be victorious over the other in the upcoming match-up, echoing the themes of their infamous rivalry in the 90's, I’m less concerned about which of the two incredible vocalists will “win.”

The fact that this performance will be happening at all, for all of us to enjoy for free.99, means we’re all winning. Thank you to these two queens in advance!


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I hope they finish in unison, dropping their new hit for a new age: ‘The Man is Trash’

It’ll be the anthem for every girl, woman, and any other person who has experienced the wonder that is modern man and been left feeling a little...less than satisfied!