YouTube Screenshot

When I first heard O.T. Genasis’ song “CoCo,” I thought to myself, “Why is someone singing about baking?” But then I realized, sure, it was about baking, but not the Pillsbury kind. More like illegal narcotics. Then I stopped singing the song.

But that’s not to say the song isn’t catchy as hell. Just, um, don’t let your kid go around singing it. No need for a fifth-grader to sound like Frank Lucas’ offspring.  

But if you’re a grandmother? Guess what—you can do what you want. Someone uploaded a video of a “grandmother” (can’t really tell if it’s an old lady or not) singing the popular song. One thing is for sure: This lady, donning a church-lady hat, belted out the song with all her might.

If you catch yourself singing, “Ca … ca … ca … ca … ca … coco,” please don’t blame me; direct your hate to The Root’s Stephen Crockett on Twitter. He’s the one who seems to find these videos in the deepest and darkest corners of YouTube.


By the way, turn your volume down. There’s a lot of NSFW language.