Benny Harlem and daughter Jaxyn

On any given day on Instagram, people are sharing photos of their struggle plates, boutique fashions and beauty regimens, but every so often you come across a photo that will leave you speechless. 

Meet Benny Harlem and his daughter Jaxyn. Meet Benny Harlem’s hair and his daughter’s hair. 


And yes, folks, it’s real.

Harlem, an artist from New York City, and his daughter have caught people’s attention on social media, not only because of their ridiculously good looks and superior hair follicles but also because of the messages behind their posts. 

In one post, Jaxyn writes, “I AM My Fathers Keeper.” 

And her dad, of course, made everyone go “Awww” with his own post: “The only way for me to protect her for LIFE is to Prepare her for LIFE. - I AM MY DAUGHTERS KEEPER.”


Harlem is apparently known for rocking his hair in the highest of high-tops:

But I must say, hair envy is real. Because I’m feeling it right now and miss having loose hair.


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