Politicians never cease to amaze me, and the most recent scandal out of Virginia proves that some of them are out of their bats—t-crazy minds. Former Virginia Del. Joe Morrissey, 57, has finally admitted fathering a child with his former receptionist Myrna Pride, with whom the former Democrat had been accused of having a sexual relationship when she was just 17 years old.

So here’s some background about Morrissey:

In December he served three months of a six-month sentence as part of a plea deal related to charges of having a sexual relationship with Pride when she was underage. Morrissey entered an Alford plea, which basically isn’t an admittance of guilt but an acknowledgment that there is enough evidence to be found guilty. That evidence included nude photos of Pride that were sent to Morrissey when she was underage, as well as seedy, sexual text messages between Morrissey and an associate, in which Morrissey bragged about having sex with Pride on his office desk.

Ironically, while Morrissey was serving his jail sentence, which involved being jailed at night and on work release during the day, he was actually working. Virginia voters, amid his underage sex scandal, helped Morrissey reclaim his House of Delegates seat. Currently, he is running for the Virginia Senate as an independent.

So how did the public get wind of Morrissey’s new arrival? Through one of the main ways people receive their news nowadays: social media!

Joe St. George, a reporter with WTVR 6 in Richmond, Va., posted on Twitter a photo that Morrissey had handed him:

All the photo was missing was the caption, “Antebellum pedophilia family portrait.”


When St. George questioned Morrissey about the photo and whether he was acknowledging the rumors that he had fathered a baby with Pride, the politician didn’t answer. But Morrissey finally came clean during a Wednesday interview on The Jack Gravely Show on WLEE radio.

In the words of Maury Povich, Morrissey is the father of a 9-week-old baby boy named Chase by way of someone who had been his underage receptionist, Pride.

“I am as engaged in Chase’s life as a man could be. I’m super proud of Myrna and I love Chase,” said Morrissey. “Chase is my blood. We had our baby, we love our baby.”


"Myrna is 19 and some odd months, the baby is 9 weeks old. Sit down and do the math,” Morrissey said.

Does any of that even matter? Especially since there was evidence that he was sleeping with a 17-year-old?

So there you have it, folks: the one political scandal in Virginia that makes Scandal look like Sesame Street. And Virginia could soon have a sexual predator representing it.