These Dancing Kindergartners Will Bring Joy to Your Day


At the end of a long work week, there’s nothing like ringing in the weekend with joyous Salsa dancing by a group of Washington, D.C. kindergartners.

Edwin Sorto isn’t only a professional dancer, but he’s also a kindergarten teacher, and he mixes both professions to bring the joy of dance to his students at D.C.’s KIPP DC Promise Academy.


Sorto’s popular Facebook page, Mr. Sorto’s Class, has tons of videos showcasing this students’ dance moves.

From Salsa:

To Michael Jackson:


These kids have moves.

“They work incredibly hard at both academics and dance and they absolutely deserve the recognition,” Sorto told USA Today. “They’re proud of what they do and love to see people’s reactions, comments, and likes on their videos. Their parents are also incredibly supportive. My kids are great, and this is just one more thing that keeps them engaged in school.”


Let’s give it up for yet another awesome teacher!

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