There’s a Petition Out to Bring a Show About Wakanda to Netflix

Scene from Black Panther set in the fictional Wakanda
Scene from Black Panther set in the fictional Wakanda
Screenshot: Marvel Entertainment

By now, I feel like I shouldn’t have to tell you that Black Panther is the greatest thing to ever hit the big screen. Don’t argue. Just accept (and perhaps check some box-office figures and every other piece of writing, as well as social media postings, about it).

That being said, some fans are so shooketh, they have started a petition to bring a spinoff show based in Black Panther’s Wakanda to Netflix. I can’t say that I’m mad at this idea.


“Telling the back story of Wakanda would be a game changer. How did Wakanda become the most technologically advanced country on Earth? From the technology to the artistry coupled with the rich African traditions, the fans demand more,” Eric Hamilton, who started the petition, wrote in the description. “The Black Panther fanbase would love to see a Wakanda Series on Netflix. This series would expand the depth of the Marvel universe and we feel Marvel/Disney would enjoy creating and adapting these stories as much as we would love watching them.”

Hamilton pointed to the success of other Marvel series that have debuted on Netflix, such as Luke Cage, Daredevil and Iron Fist, as to why this should happen.

It seems as if the people agree with him because, so far, 4,824 people have signed the petition in the past week.

However, as Screen Rant notes, Hamilton may have been better off petitioning his idea to Disney, as future Marvel shows will go to the media giant’s streaming service, which is scheduled to make a debut next fall. The existing shows will remain on Netflix, but any new projects will be restricted to the new platforms.


All that being said, it is still an amazing idea, and Disney should really take the pro tip, which would make sense given Black Panther’s wild success in cinemas.

What do you think? Would you watch a Wakanda-based series?

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Look, if cuts have to be made, I’m willing to sacrifice Iron Fist. Danny would WANT us to.