There’s a Kickstarter for a ‘Male Romper,’ aka the RompHim


Anyone who knows me personally knows that in the summer, I’m all about rompers, and my love-hate relationship with rompers started as a child. I loved how easy they were when it came to not having to bother with finding two pieces of clothing to wear, but I hated how complicated they made using the bathroom.

I’ve always thought that rompers were something women traditionally wore, but I’ve seen Cam Newton in one at Coachella, so sure, they’re quite unisex. But never did I imagine some dude going around saying, “I really need to get me a RompHim,” until I came across this Kickstarter.


I totally have no issue with men wearing rompers. But why can’t we just call them “rompers” and keep it moving? It goes right along with how everyday items, like wet wipes, are being made more masculine. Is this to make men feel secure about wearing a romper?

Bro No. 1: Broooo, why are you wearing a romper, dude?

Bro No. 2: Brooooo, this is not a romper, it’s a RompHim. Get it right, OK?

This Kickstarter campaign, which is almost fully funded, just proves to me once again that I really need to take everything not considered “masculine” and masculinize it.

On another note, they really should have considered Newton as a model.

Bye, Kinja! It's been fun (occasionally).

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But why can’t we just call them “rompers” and keep it moving?

unnecessarily gendered! - my kids, when they eventually see this

wet-wipes, are being made more masculine.

wipes, but for dudes:

if you peep the ingredient list, you will see they are made with rocks and trucks and other boy stuff, which might not be ok for lady skin.