There Is Only 1 Thing that Can Make a Beyoncé Concert Better: Michelle Obama

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What a time to be in Paris.

As even the most sports-averse among us might have found out by now, the city was a whole lit-uation on Sunday as France saw their national soccer team, Les Bleus, take home the World Cup for the second time in 20 years.


But that wasn’t the only blessing to hit the City of Lights on Bastille Day weekend. Beyoncé and her husband were in town Sunday as part of their On The Run II Tour (and live-streamed the game before taking the stage), and though Bastille Day didn’t bode well for the French monarchy, the American royalty in attendance looked like they had an amazing time.

(Obviously, it’s a Beyoncé concert.)

Forever first lady Michelle Obama attended the concert, along with daughter Sasha—both looking absolutely flawless.


Paris was also anointed with the presence of the Queen Mother, Tina Lawson, Patron Saint of Mom Jokes and Shoulder Shimmys.

And as you might expect, the FLOTUS with the mostest got down.


Okay, legs! Yes, diaphanous white outfit! We. See. You. First Lady! While Ms. Tina takes a seat during his son-in-law Jay-Z’s portion of the set (look, we would too), Michelle stays rocking the entire time. Not only is watching Michelle Obama at a concert the palate cleanser and spiritual comfort we all need, but may all our summer looks be this anointed, this elegant and effortless, this gotdamn carefree.

Liberté. Mbappé. Beyoncé.

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CUe Bernie Bros. If she really cared about this country she’d be home helping us white male progressives save Chicago. Looking at her smile makes me think that this fucking country didn’t deserve her, Barack and their children. The Trump family is perfect for this country, a collection of losers that thinks more of themselves than everyone else does.