I'm sure you did a double take at the title of this post. Hell, I did a double take as I was writing it, because I cannot believe the garbage I see on a daily basis on Facebook.

When it's not Bible quotes written in all capital letters or someone stanning for Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton, Facebook has the ability to let you know that here are some weird-ass people in the world. And what I'm about to write has to be about the weirdest thing I've ever read on Facebook. And by "weird" I mean absolutely hilarious and sad … and scary … because people believe this.


So we all know Hoteps are a special bunch of people. I know I've encountered my fair share of criticism from some of them on social media. I've been called everything from a "negro bed wench" to an "agent of white supremacy" and even had a 15-minute YouTube video made in my honor. But thank God, I've never been accused of being a clone.

Yes, a clone.

Apparently some of these people out here seem to think that Beyoncé has been cloned. And they even have others who believe it, too.


The photo below is hilarious:

But the comments following it are also comical:


Of course, the names have been deleted to protect the people who are one fry short of a Happy Meal. I mean, I'm just trying to help people out.

But let's look at the rationale that is being used here. Both photos of Beyoncé were taken years apart. Apparently, Hoteps don't believe in the science of aging? Or bad makeup? Or Photoshop? Or plastic surgery? But they believe in cloning humans?! 

OK, sure, we've read about animals being cloned. But Beyoncé being cloned? I just can't.


I'm going to need these people to either read a book or disconnect their Internet, because they're not using their time wisely. But I guess this is just another day in the world of Hotepness.