Chad Coleman
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

The Walking Dead actor Chad L. Coleman went viral over the weekend, and not for a good reason. Coleman, known for his role as Tyreese on The Walking Dead and as Cutty on The Wire, was caught on camera going berserk on a New York City train Friday.

The video was first posted by TMZ, and Coleman is definitely angry in it. Beyond his profanity-filled rant, he reminded passengers that he was indeed a famous actor and listed his roles.


In an interview with TMZ, Coleman explained what happened. As someone who spent time in Baltimore during the filming of The Wire, Coleman said, he had “built up frustration” because of the Freddie Gray case in that city. But what set him off was the fact that someone on the train used the n-word to refer to him. A passenger recognized Coleman, but the passenger’s friend stated, “No, we don’t know that n—ga.”

As Coleman walked and up down the train, he asked where were his humanitarians and also spouted a few curse words. Coleman told TMZ that he was not intoxicated, but he did lose control of his emotions and regrets it. He also said that he wanted to apologize to his Walking Dead co-stars and his family.


If only Coleman’s character on The Walking Dead had shown an ounce of that passion during the show instead of being a nanny to Judith.