The Voice Cancels Christina Aguilera and Whitney Houston Hologram Duet


I'm not quite sure who thought a duet using a Whitney Houston hologram to sing with Christina Aguilera was a good idea, but obviously the people behind The Voice came to their senses.

On Thursday, clips from the performance, which was set to air Monday, leaked on social media, and the performance was apparently nothing short of a travesty. People wondered who actually approved the hologram and why the show thought it was a good idea. 

Shortly after the leak, The Voice axed the duet from Monday's show, and according to People magazine, it was because of the poor quality of the hologram. But who are they kidding? It's more than likely because no one was here for it. 


In an interview with People, Pat Houston, the singer's sister-in-law and executor of her estate, stated why it was canceled.

"We are so appreciative of the opportunity for the Whitney Houston hologram to appear on NBC's The Voice with a talent-pairing as extraordinary as Christina Aguilera and Whitney Houston," Pat Houston said. "We were looking to deliver a groundbreaking duet performance for the fans of both artists.

"Holograms are new technology that take time to perfect, and we believe with artists of this iconic caliber, it must be perfect," she continued. "Whitney's legacy and her devoted fans deserve perfection. After closely viewing the performance, we decided the hologram was not ready to air. We have much respect and appreciation for Christina, and she was absolutely flawless." 

Houston and Aguilera never sang together while she was alive … why would Aguilera want to do it when Houston's dead? Just stop it with the hologram mess already.

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