The TSA's New Instagram Account

Generic image (Thinkstock)
Generic image (Thinkstock)

(The Root) — Sick of airport security's invasive checkpoint procedures? Tired of complaining about your Pert Plus getting confiscated before your flights? Well, the Transportation Security Administration is tired of hearing about it, and the agency has gone on the defensive with an Instagram account.


The account showcases pictures of dangerous items the TSA has found during those annoying airport security scans, from loaded guns to hand grenades. The underlying message is, "See? This is why we make you undress and search your scalp before letting you on your plane. You're welcome."

The number of weapons disguised as other things the TSA has confiscated is a bit unsettling. Here's a stun gun masquerading as a cigarette box:


A knife dressed up as a credit card:


And a knife hidden in a belt buckle:


Sheesh. That almost justifies the two-hour journey it takes to go through airport security. Almost.

Tracy Clayton is a writer, humorist and blogger from Louisville, Ky.

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