Growing up, Deva Mahal’s parents made sure that their house was filled with music. “There were no places that were off limits and there were no genres where we were not allowed to go,” she says. So it’s no wonder that now, as an artist, Deva’s music is a reflection of her parents’ early influence.

Deva Mahal is the daughter of Grammy Award-winning blues musician Taj Mahal. This man has worked with greats like the Rolling Stones, Muddy Waters, Sheila E. and more. So to say music is flowing in Deva’s veins is an understatement.

When you listen to Deva Mahal, you hear it all. There’s soul, funk, jazz, R&B, there’s just vibes. Deva stopped by The Root’s office to perform a couple of her songs and it was “Snakes” that stood out with its claps and sassy, jazzy feel. Check out Deva Mahal performing your new favorite song!

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