The Other Side of Mother

Tracy Clayton
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(The Root) — On Sunday the Internet spent the day paying homage to mothers in honor of Mother's Day, with folks tweeting inspiring stories and Instagramming pictures of their dear beloved maternal figures. Tales of Mom coming to the rescue, providing, sacrificing, kissing boo-boos — the usual.

But the day before, people on Twitter were spilling their guts, tweeting the most inappropriate un-mommy-like stories of their mothers that they knew.


Gene Demby of PostBourgie, on NPR's Code Switch blog, tweeted the question, "What's your favorite semi-appropriate detail/story about your mother that you only learned later in life?" The responses were swift, terribly interesting and only funny because they weren't about your mother. Many were about sex, drugs and fighting — three things that moms are certainly not allowed to partake in.

But partake they did, apparently; the responses were Storified and are now saved for posterity so that generations to come will know how scandalous your mama really was. Check out some of the stories below.


Tracy Clayton is a writer, humorist and blogger from Louisville, Ky.

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