The NBA Suspends Matt Barnes for 2 Games Because of His Brawl With Derek Fisher

Diana Ozemebhoya Eromosele
Matt Barnes of the Memphis Grizzlies during a game in Chicago Dec. 16, 2015
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

NBA player Matt Barnes has been suspended for two games—which amounts to about $64,000 of his salary—for initiating that infamous fight with New York Knicks coach Derek Fisher back in October, Yahoo! Sports reports.

Just as a refresher: The Memphis Grizzlies guard didn't get into it with Fisher on the basketball court during some game. No, no: The fight happened at Gloria Govan's house in California. Govan is Barnes' estranged wife, and reports indicate that she was dating Fisher—her husband's former teammate. 


Barnes hauled ass to Govan's home to confront Fisher about something, and the two men got into a scuffle. Barnes later said that prior to going over there, he was on the phone with one of his two sons (both were at Govan's home), and it was something his son said, or insinuated, that made him race over to Govan's home to confront Fisher and the situation. 

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