Illustration for article titled The Men From Issa Rae’s iInsecure /iAre out Here Doing God’s Work and Laying Thirst Traps
Screenshot: GQ Video

The men from Issa Rae’s award-winning show Insecure are out here saving our souls from the post-long-weekend Tuesday blues, laying thirst traps and reminding us to be thankful for the simple things.


Indeed, God must be a black woman, and she definitely took her time when she made the cast of this show.

Covered in the finest of baby oil and draped in $600 towels and/or $200 swim trunks (the way nature intended—don’t question me) the men showed up and showed out for a GQ magazine photo shoot, and we’re all pregnant.


There were some words accompanying the photos, but I briefly forgot how to read, and I feel like that was the entire point. There was also a video where the men spoke about gym etiquette, but you can look at it for more outtakes and laughs (and thirst traps).

God bless GQ and its staff. Thank you for saving all of our Tuesdays.

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