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Leslie Jones is the latest target in the new epidemic of wypipo pearl-clutching and getting outraged at comedians for telling jokes.

During her latest stand-up performance at Carolines on Broadway, Jones, the New York Times reports, told the story of when online troll and pedophile advocate Milo Yiannopoulos attacked her and inspired his “alt-right” minions to hack her website and release explicit photos of her.

The Times recounted:

“Now I got to explain this to my aunties,” said Ms. Jones, 49, a cast member from Saturday Night Live. “They old, and they from civil rights. They just now getting computers.”

Slipping into the quavering voice of one of these relatives, Ms. Jones said, “She was like, ‘Was it the Klu’s Klux Klan?’” She examined her niece’s anatomy and added, “I didn’t raise you like that.”

Ms. Jones said she answered: “Just go back to sleep, auntie. Don’t turn the computer on.”


But it was her rant on New York hipsters’ appropriation of the Black Lives Matter movement that left some people butt-hurt—none of whom actually attended the show. Leslie joked, “If I see another 45-year-old white woman from Williamsburg saying ‘Black lives matter,’ I’m going to punch you in the mouth! Stop doing that!”

Cue the trail of white tears.

The first person on the scene was Perez Hilton, the, umm ... ahh ... OK, no one knows what Perez Hilton actually does besides posting snarky comments on Twitter and doodling on pictures, but I’m sure it’s important.


Anyway, Perez tweeted:


Although Perez wasn’t the only one to invoke the sacred gratefulness that black people should show toward their allies, wypipo from across the internet turned on their white privilege Wi-Fi to offer their opinions on jokes they didn’t hear about a movement they don’t support from a comedy show they didn’t attend. Online responses ranged from calling Black Lives Matter a “violent, racist bunch militants” (racist internet trolls always have terrible grammar) to attacking Jones’ looks to the eloquent simplicity of this:


There is no news yet on when white America will comment on the Beyoncé concert they never attended or the black movies they never go see, or begin their national boycott of all comedy clubs until comedians agree to stop joking so much.