The Last O.G. First Look: Tracy Morgan Knows Finding an NYC Apartment 'Is Harder Than Finding a Puerto Rican in a Woody Allen Movie'

The Last O.G., Ep. 301, “Lookin’ At The Front Door’
The Last O.G., Ep. 301, “Lookin’ At The Front Door’
Screenshot: Courtesy of TBS

The Last O.G. is back and Season 3 kicks off with its premiere titled, “Lookin’ at the Front Door” where, after a failed food truck business, Tray (Tracy Morgan) is on the hunt for his own place (since he really can’t take living with his mama, portrayed by Anna Marie Horsford, anymore).


Remember that in the Season 2 finale, “Fight the Power,” fans were treated to a hilarious and reverent homage to Spike Lee’s “Do the Right Thing” as Tray fought to stop the reconstruction of a beloved apartment building in Brooklyn. In the Season 3 premiere, we’re keeping that same gentrification-themed energy right off the bat.

The third season synopsis, provided to The Root via TBS:

This season finds Tray (Morgan) searching for a new place to live and new forms of income. He lands in gentrified Brooklyn, where he begins giving “hood legend” walking tours of the city that is forever changing around him.

The third season is looking to have a star-studded guest lineup, including Mike Tyson, JB Smoove, Katt Williams, Sasheer Zamata and more.

In an exclusive clip obtained by The Root, Tray is realizing the hard way just how difficult the real estate game is in New York City for a potential renter, which to him, “is harder than finding a Puerto Rican in a Woody Allen movie.”


The Last O.G. returns for its third season Tuesday, April 7 at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT on TBS.

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I heard Tracy calling in to the Howard Stern Show this morning. Howard is remotely broadcasting from his beach palace, in full paranoid lockdown with only his wife, in the Hamptons. Good for him for having the privilege to do so. Tracy is in his aquarium filled mansion, making jokes about Walmart trucks. He is very funny but he has surrounded himself with an entourage, including stylists and a masseuse! Tracy, are they staying with you until the lockdown is over? I hope so or you are all at risk and you are risking everyone you come in to contact with. Be safe everyone! Stay at home!!!!