The Internet Schooled Don Lemon on Vaccination Scars

Don Lemon’s scar

Don Lemon has been making a reputation for himself recently, and it’s not a good one. Some have referred to him as the worst journalist of all time. Others just publicly laugh at him on social media for tweeting things like this:

In a world of anti-vaccination rhetoric and people sending their outbreak-monkey children to school without vaccinations, Lemon, in a promo for a CNN story, tweeted out a photo, claiming that he still carries the scar from a measles vaccination he received as a child. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a measles-vaccination scar.

Of course, those on social media were there to teach him about vaccination scars:


One of these days, Lemon is going to stop giving people fodder. Until then, stay tuned, because I’m sure Lemon will say or tweet something next week equally absurd.

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