The Internet Has Questions About Mary J. Blige Singing to Hillary Clinton

Mary J. Blige and Hillary Clinton

An interesting event occurred during Monday night's presidential debate, and it had nothing to do with Donald Trump. But a lot to do with Mary J. Blige.

During a promo for Blige's Apple Music talk show, Blige was shown singing Bruce Springsteen's song "American Skin (41 Shots)" to Hillary Clinton during her appearance. The song was written by Springsteen in response to the New York City police-shooting death of Amadou Diallo in 1999.


"If an officer stops you, always be polite," Blige said as Clinton looked on.

"And never, ever run away. Promise Mama you'll keep your hands inside," Blige continued, while Clinton continued to gaze.

And the internet had one simple question: "Why?"


One has to wonder what hard-hitting questions Blige will ask Clinton after that lovely serenade. Clinton is definitely pulling out all the stops for her campaign.

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