Tisha Campbell-Martin
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

It’s always good to see people help each other out. And The Breakfast Club is trying to give Tisha Campbell-Martin and Duane Martin a hand after the couple declared bankruptcy earlier this week. The infamous morning show launched a GoFundMe for the couple … because—and appropriately named it “Damn Gina”:

The GoFundMe states:

The Breakfast Club wants to help Tisha Campbell-Martin aka Gina from the hit 90’s TV show “Martin” raise money to help pay off her $15 million debt with husband Duane Martin. We are asking for $1,220 which equals $10 per episode she filmed for “Martin”. Please help The Breakfast Club show our appreciation for all that she has done for the 90’s culture. #DamnGina


With the generous donations, the modest goal was met within hours, and people are still donating. Now will the fund raise the $15 million cited in the bankruptcy filing? Probably not, but I guess every little bit helps?

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