The Bachelorette Contestant Lee Garrett Just Might Be a Racist

ABC/The Bachelorette
ABC/The Bachelorette

Lee Garrett describes himself as a Nashville country singer, and during his first few scenes on The Bachelorette, he seemed at least a little “normal” compared to the “Whaboom” dude, Lucas. But whereas Whaboom dude may be a total douche, it looks as though Garrett is possibly a total racist.


Internet sleuths unearthed several tweets from Garrett’s Twitter account in which he stated that he hates Islam, and he doesn’t seem to be a fan of Black Lives Matter. And of course he loves Donald Trump.

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Garrett also seems to be a proud “meninist” and wanted to see former President Barack Obama’s face after Trump won the election.

So now, why would a black woman, besides Omarosa, want Garrett to be in the gaggle of men she has to choose from? Did the show’s producers purposely place Garrett on the show to cause racial drama? Well, according to next week’s episode, Garrett does get into an altercation with one of the black contestants. I’m just wondering how long before the n-word is used.

Bye, Kinja! It's been fun (occasionally).

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“Did the show’s producers purposefully place Garrett on the show to cause racial drama?”