The Absence of a Criminal Case Doesn’t Mean Adam Venit Didn’t Sexually Assault Terry Crews

Terry Crew; Adam Venit
Terry Crew; Adam Venit
Photo: Tibrina Hobson (WireImage), Amanda Edwards (Getty Images)

There will be no criminal charges filed against William Morris Endeavor’s Adam Venit.


Venit has been accused of sexually assaulting Terry Crews at a Hollywood party in February 2016. The Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office has determined that Venit’s deplorable behavior does not rise to the level of a felony, so it rejected the case and passed it down to the city attorney’s office to see if that office wanted to charge Venit with a misdemeanor. The city attorney decided not to prosecute, according to TMZ, based on the statute of limitations, which is one year. Crews did not file his criminal complaint until November 2017.

What Crews is experiencing is what a lot of victims of sexual assault experience, and it is why a lot of them don’t come forward.

The absence of a criminal case does not mean that the perpetrator is innocent. None of this means that Crews wasn’t assaulted.

WME saw fit to punish Venit after Crews came forward. The agency not only suspended him for 30 days but also demoted him as head of WME’s motion picture division. Obviously it believes that he did something wrong.

It was reported that when Venit came back to work after his suspension, he gave an apology speech to all the employees at his office. What we don’t know is whether anyone else on staff or on the client roster made similar accusations against Venit. That hasn’t been reported in the news.


Besides, O.J. Simpson had a whole trial and was acquitted, yet most white people (and, admittedly, some blacks, too) still believe that he killed two people with the same knife at the same time on the same night.

All I’m saying is, keep that same energy when it comes to the sexual assault accusation Terry Crews has made against Adam Venit.

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No one appears to doubt Crew’s accusations. But he is being punished for coming forward.