Love Under New Management premieres June 12 on TV One at 7 p.m. EDT/6 p.m. CDT, and it stars the beautiful actress Teyonah Parris as songstress Miki Howard. The movie's tagline is "A legendary fall, a miraculous comeback."

Howard, however, doesn't call it a comeback but, rather, a "coming to fruition." She believes that her life has been one trial after the next in order to usher her into her own happiness. "I'm the woman I've always wanted to be," Howard reveals to The Root.


Howard's life has been tumultuous, to say the least. There was drug and alcohol abuse, physical and mental abuse, self-hatred and so many more challenges that Parris had to portray—and according to Howard, she did it well.

Parris told The Root that the role was challenging in the way that every actress should be challenged. She said that Howard's life was "exhausting," and getting to play her was a huge learning moment. Parris also wore a producer hat for the film.

When Parris and Howard stopped by The Root's office to promote the film, they sat and gabbed like old girlfriends, so we figured we'd ask them to interview each other.

Check out their awesome interview:


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