(The Root) โ€” Although Skype is more of a social tool than a social media platform, the two were brought together during the George Zimmerman murder trial today. Scott Pleasants, a former professor of Zimmerman's, was testifying via Skype, which is not unheard of in court. But unfortunately, the people running the show didn't think to make sure that those watching at home and online couldn't see Pleasants' Skype username.

Within seconds, the testimony was interrupted by the familiar sound of incoming Skype messages from people who noticed the screen name. Eventually, defense attorney Mark O'Mara realized what was going on, saying, "We're being toyed with, your honor."

This is the latest in a series of technological faux pas and mishaps. Yesterday, CNN displayed Zimmerman's personal address and Social Security number on the air, and last week we were treated to some confusing moments between witness Jenna Lauer and prosecuting attorney Bernie de la Rionda as they tried to figure out whether or not she was following Zimmerman's brother on Twitter.

Writer Sherri Williams collected some of Twitter's live tweets on the incident, and Storyfied them. Here's a snapshot of the reaction.




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