Terry Crews Files a Lawsuit Against Adam Venit, WME for Sexual Assault

Terry Crews (Tibrina Hobson/WireImage); Adam Venit (Amanda Edwards/Getty Images)
Terry Crews (Tibrina Hobson/WireImage); Adam Venit (Amanda Edwards/Getty Images)

Updated Tuesday, Dec. 5, 2017, 4:50 p.m. EST: Shortly after publishing this, I tweeted that I personally believe Terry Crews should also sue William Morris Endeavor for turning a blind eye to Venit’s bullshit and not openly addressing it until Crews went public with his story.


Crews responded to my tweet and said that WME is also named in the lawsuit.




Nearly two months after revealing that he was sexually assaulted at a Hollywood party in 2016, actor and comedian Terry Crews has filed a lawsuit against the WME agent he says is guilty of groping his genitals.

TMZ reports that in the lawsuit Crews filed against Adam Venit, he accuses Venit of staring at him “like a rabid dog, sticking his tongue in and out of his mouth provocatively.” He goes on to say that after Venit grabbed his genitals, he pushed him away and yelled to Adam Sandler, “Adam, come get your boy! He’s grabbing my nuts.”


On his way home from the event, Crews received a phone call from Sandler—who asked if he was OK. Crews told him he was surprised that he got molested at age 48, and Sandler reportedly expressed shock at Venit’s actions.

Crews said that he called his agent at William Morris Endeavor, where Venit works, and told him about the alleged assault. Venit phoned him a few hours after that call and apologized, saying he was just not himself that night.


Crews then met with WME Chairman Ari Emanuel, who reportedly apologized for Venit’s behavior. When Crews told Emanuel he was afraid of retaliation, Emanuel assured him that Venit “did not have that level of power despite his title as head of the Motion Picture Department.”


Despite those assurances, Crews still worries about Venit’s power in the industry and how that could hurt his career. He also says he has suffered psychologically and has never felt more emasculated and objectified.


Crews revealed the assault through a series of tweets on Oct. 10. Last month he filed a police report detailing the assault.

He has been very vocal on Twitter about the assault as well.

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I work in Hollywood and SO MANY PEOPLE keep going on and on about “Venit’s not gay, he’s totally straight and has a wife and kids, this was just a guy joking around...blah blah blah.” Those people are fundamentally missing the issue. It’s not about sex or sexuality. It’s power. It’s all about power. Venit would have never done this if he hadn’t felt like he had power (or needed to establish dominance) over Crews. Crews is brave as fuck for speaking up and standing up against this bullshit.

And WME just doesn’t give a shit. They only recently fired one of their agents who had sexually assaulted someone at Sundance and only because the assistant he had started sending dick pics to threatened to go public. Most agencies are fairly toxic and are notoriously lenient with the sexual harassment issue, but WME has been particularly bad as of late. I hope Crews goes scorched earth over these motherfuckers.