Diana Ozemebhoya Eromosele
Terrence Howard; his wife, Mira Pak; and their son, Qirin Love 

It was the New York Daily News that reported that it had obtained court documents showing how Terrence Howard's current wife, Mira Pak, had secretly filed for divorce in March of this year, and that the couple's divorce was finalized in July. 

The news was a surprise because she and Howard had just gotten married in October 2013, and Pak was pregnant with their child at the time of the reported divorce filing. Plus, Howard was involved in a highly publicized battle with one of his ex-wives, Michelle Ghent, over money. 


Well, Howard got on Twitter to shut down the rumors that he and Pak were no longer together. While he didn't necessarily dismiss the idea that divorce paperwork had been filed, it did seem as if he and Pak had reconciled. 

"Can't believe everything you read in the papers," Howard said in one post. In another, he posted a photo of him and Pak, and then another of him, Pak and their newborn son, Qirin Love. 


A judge threw out a financial agreement that forced Howard to give over a large chunk of his Empire salary to ex-wife Ghent. So it seems as if things are looking better for Howard. 


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