Teens Flock to Twitter

Robyn Beck/Getty Images
Robyn Beck/Getty Images

(The Root) — Remember when you had to have a college email address to get a Facebook profile? Those days are long gone, as evidenced by the scores of high schoolers obsessed with the social networking site. But it seems the tide is turning again as a study shows that more teens are leaving Facebook and moving to Twitter.


The study, orchestrated by the Pew Research Center, revealed varied reasons for the migration. Some named the increased presence of parents and adults on Facebook, while others said that the site was simply "too much drama."

Writer Cliff Watson has another theory: He thinks that kids are leaving Facebook because they don't need it. Literally.

Facebook works for adults, he argues, because it puts them in contact with old classmates they haven't seen in a while, allowing them to catch up and stay in contact with people they don't see often. This is something teens do every day in school, making the constant immersion in Facebook boring and empty.

The Pew study shows that black teens may be beating their white counterparts to the punch. According to the study, black teens are "substantially more likely to report using Twitter when compared with white youth" (39 percent vs. 23 percent). Some other very interesting facts about how black youths use social media were unearthed: By a margin of 23 percentage points, black teens are "nearly twice as likely … to be Facebook friends with celebrities, athletes or musicians" as their white counterparts, and "more likely … to say that they post fake information to their profiles."

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