Cover of Janet Jackson’s album Control
Janet Jackson

"This is a story about control. My control. Control of what I say. And control of what I do," Janet Jackson stated in the first few minutes of the video for "Control."

Dressed all in black and with Jimmy Jam and his crew in the background, Jackson spoke about how she was taking over her own career and life. And 30 years later, it's evident that she did a pretty good job doing it.


Jackson's Control album marked a turning point in her career. Her short marriage to James DeBarge was over, she got rid of Joe Jackson as her manager, and she moved to Minneapolis to be under the tutelage  of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. That was all in 1986.

And now, in 2016, Jackson is still at it with her Unbreakable World Tour. Where pop stars of her time came and went, Jackson proved that she's still in control and has staying power.

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