Tasha Smith’s Ex-Husband Tries to Clear His Name by Slamming Her on Social Media

Diana Ozemebhoya Eromosele
Tasha Smith and Keith Douglas in New York City in 2014
Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images

With the word out that Tasha Smith was able to get her marriage to Keith Douglas annulled on the grounds of fraud, Douglas took to Twitter and Facebook Thursday to try to clear his name.

"When you have decided to give your life over to God, you should not be surprised when the devil begins to levy attacks against you in the most hurtful way possible," Douglas reportedly wrote on Facebook, according to Love B. Scott. This is perhaps the "man of faith" image that Smith claimed was presented to her during her and Douglas' courtship.


But then Smith reportedly found out that Douglas had been married five times, hadn't paid his taxes in 10 years and had a bunch of kids—hence a judge's decision to grant an annulment.

In a series of tweets that he later deleted, Douglas was harsher, referring to Smith as an "addict" who was "erratic, dysfunctional and deceitful," according to Love B. Scott. 

"There's a difference in being a stellar actress able to be convincing in any role and someone who's being their ugly selves in every role!" he continued. 

Douglas wrote that what destroyed his and Smith's marriage were "drugs, disease and a destroyed reproductive system," all of which "wreaked havoc in [Smith's heart]."


"Regardless of what anyone may think, I loved my ex-wife Tasha Smith deeply. Through this experience, I know what it feels like to literally find myself sleeping with the enemy," he posted.

Hopefully both parties can move on with their lives amicably.

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