Taraji P. Henson Puts a Welcome New Spin on an Old Plot in What Men Want

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What do men want? Hell if I know (though I have my suspicions), but Taraji P. Henson’s going to help us find out in What Men Want, due for release on February 8, 2019, with a new extended trailer out Friday.

A reboot of the 2000 comedy What Women Want, directed by rom-com specialist Nancy Meyers and starring a pre-scandal Mel Gibson, the action now follows Henson as a dynamo sports agent due for a major promotion, but butting—no, slamming—her head against the glass ceiling.


A freaky encounter with a psychic (played by an equally freaky Erykah Badu) coupled with a wild night out result in some new...insights for our star, with absolutely hilarious results, if the trailer is any indication.

What Men Want re-teams Henson with producer Will Packer, whom she worked with in 2012's Think Like a Man and 2014's Think Like a Man, Too. It also co-stars Aldis Hodge, Tamala Jones, Richard Roundtree and Phoebe Robinson, with appearances by Tracy Morgan, Shaquille O’Neal and many more recognizable faces. Most importantly, the film is a showcase for Henson’s considerable comedic talents—including a healthy dose of physical comedy.

What we’re really looking forward to? Seeing how this once white, male-led plot is reinterpreted through a black, female perspective (notably, Loretta Devine was the only black female character in the original, in a bit role as Gibson’s “doorwoman”). We know Taraji’s already done her part to encourage us to Think Like a Man, but with her next release, maybe we’ll finally find out What Men Want.

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