Taraji P. Henson
Angela Weiss/Getty Images for Variety

Taraji P. Henson is aiming to prove that there's nothing she can't do. After becoming one of the biggest stars on television this season, Henson is taking her talents to Simon & Schuster.

On Thursday the book publisher announced that Henson will release her memoir under its 37 INK/Atria Publishing Group. The untitled memoir will be about Henson's life in Washington, D.C., her family and being a single mother.

"I know Taraji Henson will bring the same magnetism and dynamism to the page that she brings to the screen," said publisher Dawn Davis in a press release. "Beyond the glamour, beyond the larger-than-life persona, Taraji Henson exudes an every-woman quality that her audience, which grew with each episode of Empire, can relate to."

Speaking of Empire, since everyone is going through withdrawal on Wednesday nights:



Henson recently spoke about some possible casting and storyline ideas for next season.

"I think for the next season I want to see what went on the 17 years she was locked up," she told E! at the launch of Summer Sizzle BVI 2015. "That's what I really want to dive into 'cause 17 years is a long time. We kind of get the family, we have done lots of flashbacks with the family life, how they got to where they are, but I think people really want to know what happened those 17 years she was locked up."

Yes, we all want to see Lucious Lyon's evolution into the conniving devil he is now, as well as some backstory on Cookie's time behind bars; I've already named that episode "Orange Is the New Cookie."

If there's going to be more backstory on Cookie, Henson already has some ideas as to who she wants as part of her family. We've seen Lucious' band of merry-thug family members, but we haven't seen any of Cookie's family. If Henson had her choice, Denzel Washington would play her father.


"What I hope is Denzel plays my dad, who was a rolling stone and had all these kids by all these different women. That's my hope, but I don't know how Lee [Daniels] will utilize him."

Henson also threw out such names as Diana Ross, Robert De Niro and Meryl Streep. And guess who Streep would play?

"I hope she can come on and play my sister!" Henson said.

Those are definitely some interesting casting ideas; let's just hope some of them pan out. Don't forget: On Saturday, April 11, Henson will be hosting Saturday Night Live, and yes, there will be a Cookie sketch.