Tamar Braxton and Adrienne Bailon
Nicole L. Cvetnic/The Root    

Last Monday a new talk show debuted on Fox, and it’s aiming to change the face of daytime television. Unlike other shows that are hosted by multiple women, The Real stars five women in various stages of their lives and is full of diversity.

Hosted by Tamar Braxton, Tamera Mowry-Housley, Loni Love, Jeannie Mai and Adrienne Bailon, The Real “reflects the home audience and unapologetically says what women are actually thinking,” according to production company Telepictures. “Their unique perspectives are brought to life through their candid conversations about topics ranging from their own personal lives to the news of the day to beauty, fashion and relationships.”

The Real is a much-needed break from the seriousness of daytime talk shows, and according to Braxton, everyone’s personality plays a huge role in the daily subject matter.

Braxton and Bailon stopped by The Root’s office on Monday to discuss their talk show.

The Root: So, what separates The Real from all the other group-hosted talk shows?


Adrienne Bailon: I would say the five of us girls. I think the chemistry that we have. You know, we’re obviously a bit younger … and, I think that, you know, the show in itself is very different. We, you know, are trying to gear more towards the educated. It’s a fun show. It’s a funny show. We have game show segments that we do—“Fake It or Take It” … you know, these really, really fun things, games that we’re actually playing with our audience, where they can actually get Jimmy Choos. They get involved in the show … it’s a fun show! Feel-good TV.

TR: How much input do you have on the topics on a daily basis?

AB: A lot, I would say! ’Cause they really base it off of our personalities, and I think that’s a great thing. Our producers listen to the things that we talk about when we’re off camera. You know, they ask us questions about … we sit and we have a briefing room, and we tell them about what, you know, what are the things we do want to talk about, and then they use those topics and they actually put them in the show.


Tamar Braxton: And this is nothing with our personality, but if it’s something that we, we want to say or do, then they … use it.

TR: Tamar, now, as a new mother, how are you enjoying work-life balance?

TB: It’s actually been the best thing, you know, because it adds stability to our lives. ’Cause usually we are all over the world, you know, and now we know that we’re home at least three days a week, and we’re used to being in the playroom and the swing set, and he gets to enjoy his home life.


TR: How do you cope with working with different personalities on a daily basis?

TB: You know, the biggest misconception about me is that people think that I’m not a girly girl, which is so not true!

AB: How could you not be a girly girl?

TB: Yeah, like, I … wouldn’t sit with … [the other hosts] and not get along. And it’s so crazy because the moment we sat down, it was like we were best friends. And it really did happen like that. It was, like, magical. And so, you know, it’s a lot of things that, yes, I am very opinionated, but it is my personality … but at the end of the day, I’m rooting for you.


AB: And so are the rest of the girls. We can really hold our own. And I think that that’s what makes it such a fun show, and a great and empowering show to women, that you can say to yourself, “Oh my God, I see five different, completely different opinions, and yet they all respect one another.” And I think that says a great deal.

TB: It’s about agreeing to disagree, I think. Just like with your regular girlfriends.

TR: Other talk shows have a lot of bickering behind the scenes; how do you combat that?


AB: We actually hang out more off camera more so than anything, I think. And we really enjoy each other’s company.

TB: Just because you feel a certain way about something does not mean that we’re not going to get along as girlfriends.

AB: Exactly!

TR: So, where would you want to see this talk show go? What are your hopes for this season?


TB: For this season, I hope that everyone gets a chance to tune in and understand [that] we are definitely different from the rest. And this is an amazing talk show that was very much needed and was missing from daytime television. We don’t have it all figured out, and we are figuring things out, like, ourselves, along the way, and we’re having a great time. … You should come have a great time with us.

The Real airs daily on Fox. To find out when it airs in your area, check your local listings.