T-Pain Teases Idea of Joint Tour With Lil Jon Based on Verzuz Battle Setlist

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Photo: Frazer Harrison (Getty Images), Eugene Gologursky (Getty Images)

If you missed T-Pain and Lil Jon’s epic Verzuz battle on Instagram Live a few weeks ago, we feel really sorry for you. The hip-hop hitmakers went back and forth with hit songs, features and production assists from T-Pain’s “Bartender” and “Up Down,” to Lil Jon’s “Snap Yo Fingers” and his spirited spot on Usher’s “Yeah!”


T-Pain told Variety in a recent video chat that since the shit was fire, he and the Atlanta music staple have juggled with the idea of going on a joint tour together when the coronavirus pandemic is over.

“What we’ve been talking about is taking that playlist from the battle and trying to apply it to a tour,” he told the publication. While there’s no official name for the pipe dream as of now, a few name ideas are being thrown into the ring.

“We might call it ‘The Jonathan Tour,’” he said. “‘Crunkchella.’ We’ve also floated that around.” (Please let it be ‘Crunkchella.’)

Elsewhere in the conversation, the “Buy U A Drank” superstar discussed how he’s pushing positivity and connectivity during the quarantine through social media apps like Instagram and TikTok. He’s encouraging musicians through the hashtag #TPainSongwritingChallenge to create a song and video with the homemade beats he posts to his page. The winning track will be mixed and mastered by Grammy-winning engineer Fabian Marasciullo for “$free.99.”

“I know people have heard this phrase too much in the past two months—but in these trying times [laughs], I feel like giving back and releasing some of the love,” he smiles. Gotta love it.

I can’t wait until life starts back up so that I can shake it like a salt shaker at the ‘Crunkchella’ tour.

Pronounced "Jay-nuh."