T’Challa Gets the Hang of ‘Black Jeopardy’ via Becky’s Potato Salad

Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer (Getty Images)

The undisputed Black Panther, actor Chadwick Boseman, more than held his own as host of Saturday Night Live this weekend, although his shine was slightly dimmed by Cardi B’s pregnancy announcement.


The funniest skit of the night was Boseman as the Black Panther (T’Challa) in the show’s ongoing sketch, “Black Jeopardy”—“the only game show where payments are paid in installments.”

Hosted by SNL vet Kenan Thompson and starring black cast members Leslie Jones and Chris Redd, the skit mirrors traditional Jeopardy as contestants choose a category and answer in the form of a question.

T’Challa, born in Wakanda, did not quite get the gist of the game at first, especially as it related to black American culture. (Example: In the category “Fid’na,” the answer was: “This is the reason your cable bill is in your grandmamma’s name,” to which T’Challa replied, “What is to honor her as the foundation of the family?” He stumbled over one with police, too.)

But Black Panther gon’ learn today.

After a few questions, T’challa’s cultural competency began to come into focus. And then he chose the category “White People.”


Let’s just say that T’Challa is definitely invited to the cookout. It wouldn’t surprise me if he’s been reading a bit of The Root’s staff writer Michael Harriot in his downtime.

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