'Sweetness, Flowing Like a Faucet; Body Banging, No Corset': What's New and Black on Netflix in June 2019?

Carmen: A Hip Hopera
Carmen: A Hip Hopera
Screenshot: MTV (YouTube )

June, also known as the halftime show of the year, is here—and that means more Strong Black Leading content from Netflix!


And the blackest headliner is...

Carmen: A Hip Hopera


This 2001 made-for-TV movie helmed by the legendary Robert Townsend should be in everyone’s entertainment catalogue, and now Netflix has scooped the licensing rights! Like, how could you not be excited about a musical that has the following lyric: “I wouldn’t bless you if your first name was “Ahchoo”?!

What a perfect addition for African American Music Appreciation Month! I’m certainly going to be spending my June rewatching this glorious hot mess. I may even write about it...

Coming to Netflix under its originals slate is The Black Godfather (expect a review of this from me as well!), Black Mirror (Season 5), 3% (Season 3) (this is one of my favorite shows, highly recommended if you haven’t caught it) and Beats.

Licensed content to look for is Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse for those of you who want more Miles Morales (because why not?!) and Season 15 of Grey’s Anatomy for the Shondaland fans.


‘Til next month!

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A classic. This is why people thought Bey could act. I’m surprised she didn’t go the musical route.