Suge Knight Refuses to Leave Cell for Robbery Hearing

Marion “Suge” Knight at a court hearing in Los Angeles March 9, 2015
Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Suge Knight was scheduled to appear in court Wednesday for a hearing stemming from an October robbery during which he allegedly snatched a woman’s camera. But Knight refused to leave his cell, according to the Associated Press.

Knight allegedly was too sick to leave his cell. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Ronald Coen said he was almost going to have Knight forcibly removed but decided to postpone the hearing until Friday, the same day as a hearing in Knight’s murder case. Sounds like a two-for-one day for Knight Friday. Coen says that if Knight pulls another sick stunt Friday, he will have Knight forcibly removed from his cell.


Knight is currently being held behind bars after being charged with one count of murder and attempted murder in a hit-and-run case. Although Knight has an attorney in the murder case, he does not have one in his robbery case.

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